AASHTO Meetings & Member Services

Monica Russell
Director, Meetings & Member Services

Why Become a Sponsor?

As an AASHTO sponsor, you have the opportunity to build relationships that foster success, extend your reach in transportation and government agencies, and let your voice be heard on issues that matter. AASHTO’s events bring together key decision makers in a multidisciplinary setting, allowing for sponsors to network directly with and create specific marketing opportunities for your target audience. Take advantage of the daily communications, as well as over 100 meetings to get your message out!

AASHTO’s Sponsorship Program includes various levels of opportunities, from Premier Sponsors and a Tiered Level approach for support of AASHTO’s meetings and programs. As an AASHTO sponsor, relationships are fostered through networking opportunities with our members, federal and government agencies, during our Annual and Committee Meetings throughout the year. Pick a level that works for your company’s vision.

When you participate as an AASHTO sponsor, you can:

  • Align with industry leaders: as an AASHTO supporter you’ll demonstrate your commitment to transportation industry leaders and decision makers who value excellence and integrity.
  • Increase visibility of your solutions and services: you’ll have many opportunities to get your company logo and marketing messages in front of AASHTO members-all State Departments of Transportation, federal transportation agencies in the United Sates as well as transportation agencies in other countries.
  • Network and gain new clients: AASHTO coordinates nearly 100 meetings annually which gives you access to individuals and organizations that are hard to reach through traditional media. You can network at meetings, deliver messages through daily communications and support focused educational programs. AASHTO helps you turn new relationships into business opportunities.

Premier Sponsors

Capitol Sponsors