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Monica Russell
Director, Meetings & Member Services

Capitol Sponsorship

AASHTO Capitol sponsors also receive abundant exposure throughout a variety of AASHTO programs, communications and events. You’ll get a broad package of benefits and promotional programs to deliver your message to AASHTO members and delegates across the country, transportation policy makers and members of Congress.

The AASHTO Capitol package is available for $50,000.

AASHTO Capitol Benefits:

  • Recognition at the 3 Annual AASHTO Meetings (Annual, Spring and Washington Briefing) as an AASHTO Capitol Sponsor on all Sponsor Banner Signs and in the Meeting Agenda.
  • 7 complimentary registrations* to be used at any AASHTO meeting during the calendar year.
  • A ribbon with Capitol Sponsor on each Capitol Sponsor’s name tag at the 3 Annual AASHTO Meetings.
  • Verbal recognition as an AASHTO Capitol Sponsor during the opening general session at the Annual, Spring and Washington Briefing Meetings.
  • One (1) seats at the New CEO Dinner or Breakfast during the Washington Briefing.
  • One complimentary half-page ad in the AASHTO Annual and Spring Meeting Programs.
  • One complimentary 10’x10′ exhibitor booth at the AASHTO Annual Meeting.
  • Recognition of one event or item at a $5,000 level at one of the 3 Annual Meetings.
  • 2 tickets to the Board of Directors’ Dinner at the Spring and Annual Meetings.
  • Recognition as an AASHTO Capitol Sponsor at 3 AASHTO Committee Meetings.**
  • Recognition as a Capitol Sponsor on AASHTO’s website with your company logo linked to your website. This logo link will be displayed with other sponsors on the web pages for the 3 Annual AASHTO Meetings and the 3 selected AASHTO Committee Meetings.**
  • Inclusion in the AASHTO press release highlighting all premier and capital sponsors (subject to signing an agreement prior to February 2019 release).
* Complimentary registrations can only be used at AASHTO meetings and not regional meetings (i.e.,WASHTO, MAASTO, SASHTO and NASTO).

** If an AASHTO Committee Meeting does not  accept sponsorship, recognition as a Capitol Sponsor is not applicable.

Premier Sponsors

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