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Associate Membership & Application

AASHTO continues its steady Associate Membership growth and serves numerous cities, counties, and toll authorities.

Who Qualifies?

Associate Membership is available to sub-state and federal transportation agencies in the United States, as well as transportation agencies in other countries. Examples of those who qualify for Associate Membership are port, toll, and highway commissions or authorities, international transportation agencies, and city DOTs. Membership is not extended to individuals or private sector entities like engineering firms or other private companies.

What are the Benefits?

Access to AASHTO committees

Associate Members may participate on various standing committees and sub-committees formed to address a myriad of technical and political aspects of the transportation industry.

Discounted publication rates and one free publication

Associate Members are also entitled to a free copy (hard copy or electronic version) of all AASHTO publications within a calendar year. AASHTO members also receive discounts on any extra publications they would like to order beyond their free copy.

Discounted meeting fees

AASHTO Associate Members can attend all of AASHTO’s meetings at reduced registration fees, which provides access to the network of state transportation officials that constitute AASHTO’s membership.

Access to training

AASHTO provides our members with smart solutions in transportation. As an AASHTO member you are invited to utilize our critical information, training, and data. AASHTO offers direct technical assistance to the States with unchallenged expertise.

How do I join an AASHTO committee?

After you are accepted as an Associate Member with AASHTO you may petition to join the committee of your choice. The Chair of the receiving AASHTO committee shall have the final authority to approve all applicants based on the number of Associate Member spaces available. Associate Members will not receive a vote, but will be able to attend all committee meetings to share their thoughts and concerns on various transportation issues.

Associate Members Committee (AMC)

The Associate Members Committee (AMC) will provide a connection between the state departments of transportation and local governments, regional organizations, federal agencies and foreign governments. The AMC will coordinate issues of concern to the Associate Members and bring them to the Board of Directors for discussion. The AMC shall assign an Associate Member to the AASHTO Standing and Subcommittees to serve as non-voting ex officio. Membership on the Associate Members Committee will be one representative from each of the Associate Member agencies. The Committee will elect its own Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary with a staff person assigned from AASHTO to serve as Committee Liaison.

How do I become an AASHTO Associate Member?

If you believe you fit the criteria for Associate Membership, please complete the Associate Member application. Please be sure to fill out the form completely and have the proper agency official provide their signature. The application may then be submitted to the Membership Services Department via standard mail or e-mail. You will be notified when the application has been received and, after AASHTO’s Board of Directors have reviewed the application, whether your agency has been accepted as an Associate Member.

If you have further questions on membership, please review AASHTO’s Governing Documents.

The fee for membership is $3,500 per year.

If you have any further questions please direct them to:

Jenn Dorsey 
Membership Specialist, Meetings & Member Services
(202) 624-5814

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